In 2011 following a troubling recession in Michigan and across the nation, the Brownstown DDA had to consider what investment would foster growth within the DDA District, in addition to the Brownstown Town Center development project.  With an overall vision of creating a Brownstown District stretching along Telegraph Road between King Road and West Road, the Brownstown DDA realized that developing an all encompassing Recreation Campus, integrated within the municipal campus would be that catalyst to develop this district and support development at the Town Center. 

One goal of the Recreation Campus is to encourage residential growth within the DDA District. Additionally, the Recreation Campus will support business growth, especially when corporations and small businesses look at public amenities in determining which community to locate their business and offer best quality of life resources/facilities for their employees.  The Recreation campus ideally will attract such residential and commercial growth. 

The Recreation Campus is located within the Township municipal campus, east of Telegraph Road on the north and south side of King Road.  The entire campus as planned will encompass a total of approximately 80 acres.  The north King Road campus will contain new baseball fields and playgrounds supported by concession facilities, pavilion, trails and on-site parking.  The south King Road campus includes tennis courts, dog park, event barn, movie lawn, community gardens, wall of honor, playgrounds, splashpad, and soccer fields all connected with trails, on-site parking and support park facilities and enhancements. All campus improvements will be ADA compliant.  The Recreation Campus has been divided into eight project phases with a total build out by 2014 (see attached project phases and description.)