In 1993 Charter Township of Brownstown created a Downtown Development Authority (DDA), established its boundaries, and adopted a Development Plan and Tax Increment Financing Plan. During the last two decades, Brownstown Township has made tremendous leaps for-ward in terms of population growth, residential, commercial, industrial, and recreational development, and has taken a leadership role in bringing positive statewide attention to the Downriver region as well as Southeast Michigan. Along with these advances, there has also been an over-arching vision of a Town Center that will promote the regeneration of this urban area as a place to live, work, and play for the Brownstown community, Downriver and Southeast Michigan. The 125 acre Town Center fronts on the east and west side of Telegraph Road, northside of West Road. The Brownstown DDA owns 77 acres of the Town Center on the west side of Telegraph with the remaining 48 acres east of Telegraph, privately and state owned.

In 2004, the Brownstown DDA amended its 1993 DDA Development and Tax Increment Financing Plans to outline the intent of the Town Center and to ensure its success within the DDA. The desire to create a sustainable Town Center that offers quality of life and working environments complemented by rich cultural, social, and recreation opportunities become the driving force behind the development of this Town Center. Through the inclusion and success of the Town Center, the development project will:

  • Revitalize and regenerate its urban areas;
  • Serve as a catalyst for development in the DDA;
  • Reuse underutilized property;
  • Create construction and permanent jobs;
  • Increase the density of the area;
  • Promote a sustainable and walkable development, and;
  • Provide for underserved market sector industries.

The Brownstown DDA has been progressively and proactively pursuing the development of the Town Center. The following is a list of such initiatives:

  • The Brownstown DDA purchased 77 acres in the Town Center in 2005
  • Worked in collaboration with MDOT on the reconfiguration of US-24 Telegraph Road and US-25 Dix-Toledo Highway intersection and infrastructure improvements, which aligns with the development entrance of the Town Center. Constructed in 2008.
  • In 2009, implemented decorative corridor lighting and traf-fic signals on Telegraph Road and West Road following the MDOT reconfiguration project
  • In 2008 and 2009, prepared a new Township Comprehensive Master Plan and Zoning Ordinance update, respectively, to include the Town Center District and regulations
  • Prepared a revised conceptual Town Center development plan in 2010 for the west side of Telegraph Road
  • In 2012 completed a Town Center Market Study and Financial Analysis update
  • Currently, embarking on a Town Center public/private de-velopment strategy, designing additional streetscape and gateway improvements on Telegraph Road and intersecting streets in the Town Center district and along the Telegraph corridor, and engineering Phase III Bikepath improvements within the DDA

Brownstown Township and the Brownstown DDA has the staff and financial commitment for this Town Center, which speaks directly to the Township and the state of Michigan’s economic development core values and objectives to create a positive return on investment and perception to the region and the state.