The Business Support Programs were created to promote the economic health of Downtown Development Authority (DDA) district’s businesses, often when they need it the most. The DDA has committed funds to aid private business owners in their financial commitment to the DDA district.

Business Recruitment & Retention Grant Program

The Business Recruitment & Retention Grant Program assists new businesses and also existing businesses looking to either relocate or expand within the DDA district. The grant is based on a per square foot basis up to $10,000. (Download More Information)

Shared Rent Incentive Program

The Shared Rent Incentive Program is for prospective businesses that are entirely new to the DDA district and to Brownstown Township. This program as a multitude of benefits for several parties. The landlord fills leasable space with guaranteed occupancy. New businesses can take advantage of the shared rent incentive for up to two years, not to exceed $10,000. For the DDA, the program promotes new businesses within the district. (Download More Information)

Façade Improvement Program

The Façade Improvement Program rehabilitates facades and other structural improvements of DDA district commercial buildings. The program intends to create consistency in design, materials, and architectural character that will enhance the physical appearance of the DDA district. This is a 50/50 grant fund program. Matching grant funds not to exceed $20,000, $3,000, and $2000 for construction based improvements, exterior paint improvements, and new/improved business signs, respectively. (Download More Information)

Telegraph Corridor Business Banner Program

The Telegraph Corridor Business Banner Program is intended for Brownstown Township businesses to advertise/promote your name and civic pride. The yearly program allows the business name to be printed on a banner located on the ornamental street light pole that are on Telegraph Road, below the DDA/community banners. We are seeking applications for our 2013 Telegraph Corridor Business Banner Program. (Download Application)

For program descriptions, applications, and agreements please contact

Vern Gustafsson
T: 734.675.5913


Sue Trussell
T: 734.675.5911